Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter —” Professor Severus Snape 9 January , [1] — 2 May , [2] was a half-blood [3] wizard serving as Potions Master , Defence Against the Dark Arts professor , and Headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a Death Eater. His double life played an extremely important role in both of the Wizarding Wars against Voldemort. He met Lily and Petunia Evans when he was nine and fell deeply in love with Lily, becoming a close friend of hers. This put him in the same year as Lily but unfortunately for him in rival houses. Severus became the immediate enemy of James Potter and Sirius Black and was a frequent victim of their bullying. This led him to be irritable towards James’s son Harry when he was a professor.

Healing: A Lily and James fanfiction. Chapter Eight.

I won’t be in Slytherin! There’s nothing wrong with that. James is two years older than his brother Albus Severus and four years older than his sister Lily Luna. His godparents, as well as his uncle and aunt are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. James first started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 September, , and was Sorted into Gryffindor House , to nobody’s surprise and Teddy Lupin ‘s disappointment.

Lily Evans has had a crazy six years at Hogwarts Witchcraft & Wizardry; she cried, screamed, laughed, blushed, and well, hated. Who you ask? That’s easy, James s:

Throughout most of their time at Hogwarts, Lily Evans and James Potter seemed about as far from “soulmates” as two people could be. Lily had no love for James and his pompous ways in their early years, and James went about wooing Lily read: Unfortunately for fans, we only got to know James and Lily, and therefore their relationship with each other, through recollections of the past by magical means and through memories shared by loved ones and friends of the couple.

While we know the love Lily had for her son is ultimately what saved his life and led him down the path that would have Harry saving the wizarding world from darkness, we never got to explore as much of James and Lily’s love affair as we would’ve liked. Even Harry himself at one point wonders how two people who seemed to hate each other could have come as far as they did. Were Harry’s parents truly soulmates?

Harry Potter: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About James And Lily Potter

Professor Potter, patient and kind with all students and especially helpful to overwhelmed muggleborns. Professor Potter, whose dorky husband randomly pops up in the school in odd places with their infant son, though never seems to come in from the front door. Professor Potter, who will pay responsible prefects a few galleons to watch Harry for a few hours while her dorky husband insists on taking her out to dinner.

Professor Potter, the subject of many adolescent crushes. Professor Potter, who attends every Quidditch match with her dorky husband at her side and her son on her lap waving a small Gryffindor flag. Professor Potter, pregnant with her second child and brewing anti-nausea potions to get through all her classes despite all the smells.

To fix this, Jewels5 wrote The Life and Times, a fanfic exploring—well—the life and times of Lily and James Potter. Audiences love a good love story. They love Harry Potter.

Severus, whose father was neglectful and possibly even violent, began to identify with his mother’s family and created a secret nickname from his mother’s maiden name, calling himself “the Half-Blood Prince. It is implied that Severus was friendless and uncared for by his parents. This lack of care largely shaped Severus’ bitter disposition and cruel behaviour later in his life. This area of town was located nearby a dirty river and full of dilapidated houses, disused factories and broken down street lamps.

Throughout the rest of his life, Severus continued to return there when he wasn’t at school. The young Severus is depicted as being unwashed and wearing ill-fitting clothes “that were so mismatched that it looked deliberate”.

Harry Potter and the World of Fanfiction

Here’s chapter 3, enjoy — James’s POV I ran towards the portrait of the centaur on the second floor. Lily was standing there, looking quite pissed. I wanted to hug her and tell her it would all be okay, that I was there, but baby steps. Instead, I settled for an apology. I knew she was mad, but really, I didn’t do anything for once anyway! I was just trying to be polite.

[Oneshot] James Potter’s grand scheme to capture the heart of one Lily Evans is finally looking up. Now all he needs is a pretty girl, a dark corridor, and some quick talking. R&R, please!

YMMV “She was dramatic. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time. The amount of love for this story is unbelievable The Life and Times is a Maurader-era fanfiction written by Jewels 5 focusing on the developing relationship of a teenage Lily Evans and James Potter. It begins in their sixth year at Hogwarts and is expected to end at the end of their seventh year.

There are currently 36 chapters, and there are expected to be approximately 50 chapters total. At the time of writing this July the story has not been updated in nearly two years, but the author retains an internet presence via a tumblr account and blog and maintains she hopes to return to the story at some stage in the future. The beginning of the fic has still not been caught up with in the main plotline. James’ nickname for Lily Almost Kiss:

James and lily-short fanfic

They knew exactly how they got there, with a little help from a certain wizard, but no one else knew of them. They had a few books laying on a table in the middle of the room, and millions of other lined the wall. They were about to take whoever walked into the room to hell and back. They were a bit bored and tired, as they had been sitting in the room waiting for certain people to wander into the Room of Requirement. However, before anyone walked into the room, both of them fell asleep.

As they came to, they noticed there were more people than themselves in the room.

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Snape was not Lily’s true love. It’s the other way around. Lily never loved Snape, they were friends and their friendship fell apart because they chose different paths. James liked Lily from the very start and yes he expressed that by picking on her for a good while but that’s not something you should loath him for, since Ron did the exact same with Hermione. Lily fell in love with James and married him. Snape never even confessed love to her or asked her to be with him.

So he can’t complain a bit. It’s mentioned he bullied people, but i doubt it was everybody. Okay i want to go over some things 1st. If you have not read or seen deathly hallows part 2 this will be a spoiler but if u have seen it or dont mind them just read on and secondly some of these things maybe ive mixed them up with somethings and got them wrong so sorry about that if it happens.

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She stated that the idea of “this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who didn’t know he was a wizard became more and more real to me”. She explained in a interview with The Guardian: Hogwarts has to be a boarding school—half the important stuff happens at night!

FanFiction | unleash This C2 is for the best Lily and James romance stories out there. This is for well written stories that deserve the reviews and hits. It’s the only world James Potter knows, but when Lily Evans enters his life, that world is shattered. L/J He’s about to .

Edit He is said to be the “mix” child of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley , meaning that he has a mix of their traits. He is said to have unruly black hair like his father. But brown eyes like his mother, as it says that Albus was the only one who inherited Lily Evans ‘ green eyes. He has a sense of humor, but so far in the Fanfiction, hasn’t used it.

He is part wizard and part vamp-wolf Vampire Wolf with the ability to control his self when in transformation. Though Fuller got mad at James, he grew to like James again when Brittany was Mummified and as James comforted him after the Mummification. James was mad when he saw Albus kissing Kathryn Allen and told him off. He found out that Laura Trelawney was actually 3 inches taller then him, despite his insistence that he would be taller.

Laura and James are currently dating.

Lily and James fanfic 2

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