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US Any combat hat that does not provide protection. A Boonie hat brig rat US Navy and Marines Describes a sailor or Marine who often frequents the brig military jail , typically as a prisoner. US Air Force Anything that is broken or needing repair or maintenance. Used in the similar sense that you mop with a mop, hence, you broom with a broom. When the Air Force became independent, ‘black’ shoes replaced the ‘brown’ shoes worn by the Army at that time. US Navy Things and people related to the naval aviation community.

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Navy Sailor Once again we return to our So You Want My Job series, in which we interview men who are employed in desirable jobs and ask them about the reality of their work and for advice on how men can live their dream. You can learn more about Dan on his blog. Tell us a little about yourself Where are you from? How old are you?

I joined the US Navy in , passing my 13 year mark in May of this year. To answer a potential question from your readers, I do expect to stay in for the long-haul and retire at the year mark.

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy’s fraternization policy has been updated, clarifying what relationships are appropriate for Sailors, because today’s current operational tempo and individual augmentee.

Marine Corps” Good Conduct Medal. The medal was originally a ribbon and medal suspended from a clasp bearing the words “U. The clasp was eliminated after and the medal has remained unchanged in appearance since that time. Since its inception in , the name of the recipient was engraved by hand on the reverse side of the medal until stamping the name on the medal began during World War II numbered on the rim and was done completely by After 10 December , the required period of service was reduced to three years.

The criteria were amended by Executive Order , dated 31 March , to authorize the award for candidates having three years of service after 7 December or one year of service while the United States is at war. Executive Order , dated 10 April , revised the criteria to authorize the award for candidates having three years of service after 27 August ; one year of service after 7 December while the United States is at war; and for candidates having the first award for service after 27 June upon termination of service, for periods less than three years, but more than one year.

The medal was designed by Mr. Joseph Kiselewski and approved by the Secretary of War on 30 October The eagle, with wings spread, denotes vigilance and superiority. The horizontal sword denotes loyalty, The book represents knowledge acquired and ability gained. On the reverse, the lone star denotes merit. The wreath of laurel and oak leaves denotes reward and strength. Subsequent Award Clasps The second and subsequent awards are indicated by the wear of the clasp with loops on the ribbon.

Sailors’ Warning: It’s the Navy, Not the ‘Love Boat’

So, unless you are independently wealthy, it’s not doable. He can fly to the US for leave twice. You can fly to Japan twice for times when he expects to be in port and stay on-base in the Navy Lodge. If you’re going to get married, wait until he’s ready to take his E-4 exam. The command won’t sponsor you give you housing in Japan and a possibility of a job on base unless he is an E-4, and your chances more likely if he’s an E

If you’re like that mermaid from Pirates of the Caribbean (or like me), the idea of dating a sailor, his hair wind-whipped gold and skin bronzed by the sun, might make you want to throw away your landlocked life for one of adventure and romance on the high seas.. 1. You’ll mistake a sailor’s boundless enthusiasm for sailing for boundless enthusiasm for you.

Male Posted 23 July – It is commonly assumed by some that a Navy uniform with a “Naval Clothing Factory” tag is WWII, but some others have said items with that kind of tag were issued into the ‘s. Once basic question is: The earliest reference I have found so far is in an medical journal where the Naval Clothing Factory at the New York Navy Yard is given credit for improving the health and comfort of sailors, apparently by ensuring they each have a standard issue of appropriate clothing.

But this was not the only Naval Clothing Factory. Entered service May 22, , at Wilmington, N. Sent to Charleston, S. A magazine article in The New Yorker, March 10, , p. Visit to the Naval Clothing Depot, in Bklyn. Interview with Salvatore Gianola, Director of Research Development at the Depot, and the Navy’s leading authority on cold-weather clothing.

In fact there is a reference online but not the full story To show how the Depot took over one responsibility from the Naval Clothing Factory, here’s an excerpt from Navy uniform regulations: Please post labels and if you have good photos of the details that set uniforms of one era apart from another please post those as well.

Four US Navy sailors are accused of engaging in and recording group sex with an underage girl

Post sponsored by International Basketball Camps 14 sailors working in the nuclear reactor department aboard the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier face disciplinary action for the use and distribution of LSD, the latest embarrassment to the 7th Navy Fleet, scandalous. Two sailors have more serious problems and go to a court-martial for using, possessing and distributing the hallucinogenic drug, while the Navy is also considering charging three more.

Two Westinghouse nuclear reactors feed the , ton giant, which has a staff of nearly 6, people and can stay at sea for more than 20 years.

I received an email from Andrew, a US Navy Sailor. I liked it a lot and asked if I could share it with all of you. Thanks for your email Andrew, and for serving our country!

Aug 24, , First, there is no such thing as “extra BAH”. You’ll spend every penny of it – especially if you want a decent place to live. As a junior enlisted person, you won’t make much money. As a nuke, you won’t have time to spend with her until your entire first enlistment is over. I’m going to say that again – as a nuke, you will not have time for a wife until you get to shore duty.

Shore duty doesn’t happen during the first enlistment.

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Origins[ edit ] A 16th century Korean turtle ship in a depiction dating to based on a contemporary, late 18th century model. Located at War Memorial of Korea , Seoul. In the late 4th century during the Three Kingdoms Period , Goguryeo defeated Baekjae , fielding amphibious forces of 40, men in the process. In the 9th century, Commissioner Chang Bogo of Unified Silla established a maritime base called Cheonghaejin on an island to foster trading with China and Japan , and to cope with pirates.

In , naval forces of the Goryeo Dynasty defeated invading Japanese pirate vessels by deploying shipboard guns, devised by Choi Moosun. This is reportedly the first use of shipboard guns in naval history.

Jul 11,  · How to Date a US Navy Sailor Sailors have always been intriguing people – sailing all over the world on a ship, fighting in wars, dealing with pirates, seeing places some people only dream about. Due to the nature of their work, however, dating one can be rather difficult, especially if you have little or no background with the military%().

Eisenhower were disciplined last week after they videotaped themselves having sex aboard the ship and were discovered after the man showed the tape to other sailors, Navy officials said yesterday. Navy has an unambiguous policy. Sexual misconduct will not be tolerated,” said Cmdr. Kevin Wensing, a Navy spokesman in the Norfolk, Va. The Eisenhower is the first combat carrier to integrate men and women. It was recently reported that 14 female crew members had become pregnant since the vessel left on its current assignment last October, although officials said there is no indication they became pregnant on board.

Wensing said the male seaman apprentice and the female seaman recruit, both in their early twenties and married to other people, admitted in an informal hearing last week that they had engaged in consensual sex in an isolated part of the ship. The man videotaped the activity with his personal camera. He was turned in to authorities by an enlisted member of the crew who was at the man’s work station when the video was played for his co-workers, said Wensing.

Both the man and the woman pleaded guilty “to willfully disobeying orders and to adultery,” said Wensing.

Navy ordered to pay compensation for causing sailor’s smoking habit

We have been together for a little over a year and have never been separated. We are really committed to each other and really want our relationship to last. Both of us have talked about settling down together. I’m really scared and upset and depressed that I won’t be able to talk to him, hug him. The recruiter said that he will be able to see me when he goes to school after boot camp is this true? Also I know there are some men who are a part of the Navy that have never set foot on a boat.

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The Pirate’s Lair has now obtained concrete prima-facie evidence of the very first standardized US Navy Department of Navy Seal ever issued and dated as early as and used through This seal as shown on the demitasse cup to the left and backstamp dated was the original forerunner of the Department of Navy Seal still in use today which itself was first established ca ! Please excuse both syntax and grammar as this page is also designed for the Search Engines Prior to the late 19th Century there appears to be only miminal consistency and limited selections to the type of Navy Dinnerware and Navy Tableware used by both enlisted and officer alike.

Though functional with a Naval flair, the selection and grade of dinnerware used by sailors and officers left alot to be desired and consisted mostly of enamelware porcelain plates, bowls and cups! Additionally, there does not appear to be much of any official Naval history or documentation anecdotal or otherwise of what either the enlisted crew or officers used in the way of dining utensils or tableware up until the early ‘s and very early ‘s. However, through old photographs obtained by The Pirate’s Lair of sailors eating on their respective mess decks, wardrooms and galleys it appears that the white to off-white tin covered enamelware metal plates, bowls and cups incorporating “USN” or “US Navy” were pretty much standard from post Civil War up until the early ‘s.

Though this enamelware used as standard Navy dinnerware and Navy tableware was sturdy and utilitarian to hold up to salty seas and repetitive heavy industrial cleanings, it certainly was not made for elegant fine dining. The photo to the left is of a US Navy enlisted porcelain covered tin metal plate enamelware ca ‘s to early ‘s and the photo to the right is a matching enamelware bowl or cup. There is also a matching enamelware cup similar in size to the bowl, but the cup has a metal holding tab with a hole in it and soldered onto the lip.

This tab appears to have allowed the cups or bowls to be stacked onto a long rod for storage and use. For a more in-depth photo historical analysis and provenance of this s to early s, SpanAm War and Great White Fleet Era enlisted enamel dinnerware Click Here To the left is the standard regulation issue enamelware plate and bowl put together either by the sailor in the photo or his family in commemorating his naval service. Note the dates May to May which was the typical 4 year naval enlistement.

This commemoration is on permanent display at The Pirates Lair.

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Truman, seen here, at the time of the hacking. Navy man allegedly led a group of hackers to steal secret government information and shared the information on Twitter. Nicholas Paul Knight, 27, of Chantilly, Va. Truman at the time of the alleged crimes. Advertisement The group, known as Team Digi7al, is accused of infiltrating computer systems for more than 30 public and government organizations, authorities said. Knight personally broke into the U.

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Now the husband — Richard Michael Schunke, a year-old Navy sailor — is accused of beating the 8-year-old purebred beagle to death. A grand jury indicted him last week on one count of felony animal torture. He’s scheduled to go to trial in late summer and faces a one- to five-year prison sentence if convicted. In an interview, Jahn said she’d been texting Schunke throughout the afternoon of Dec.

Schunke told her Layla wasn’t obeying him, Jahn said. He was especially frustrated because she wouldn’t go to the bathroom outside when he commanded her to. Jahn, also 25, said she replied by telling her husband to leave the dog alone. She’d be home soon and would handle it. Then, Jahn said, her husband sent another text saying Layla had an accident in the house. Schunke said he was done, that Jahn had to choose between him and the dog because he no longer felt welcome in his own house.

Jahn said she again tried to soothe Schunke. Layla had bit him.

Video Request Dating Problems of Female Naval Officers

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